Founded by Alistair Horscroft and Josefine Karlsson the Optimal Life Co has a simple mission –
to re-define normal.

Living with anxiety, depression, ill health, weight issues, chronic pain, worry, stressful relationships, drugged up kids and un-realised dreams is a normal that way too many people are putting up with.

As a lifestyle… the current normal, sucks.

We provide as much free info as we can to help as many people as we can re-define their normal to one that is healthy, meaningful, bright, full of laughter, connection and realised dreams.

If you happen to be close to where we are then clinic and lab sessions might be how you want to engage.
Workshops and retreats are now running world wide so 2 day and 5 day optimal life co experiences are yours to be had…

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We look forward to connecting with you.
Alistair and Josefine