2 Day Life Hack Masterclass With Alistair Horscroft

June 16/17 2018

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2 Day Modern NLP & Life Hacking Workshop

Are you ready to become happier, kinder, wiser & more effective?
Do you want to live with a greater sense of ease, focus, fulfilment & flow?
Ready to run your mind, body & consciousness in powerful new ways?

Want to move past outdated personel development jargon and ideas and into where personal mastery is really at?


Get clear on how to use your ‘ANALOGUE ‘I’ (the real essence of how you experience yourself ) to continually create and become the best version of yourself using ‘5D Spatial Processing’.

Use NLP techniques and Bio-Hacks to upgrade your brain and mind for clear, focused high performance living

Learn simple but powerful brain hacks to feel calm and centred under pressure

Discover how to activate untapped brain and body energy so you can get more done in your flow
states. (The secret is in....)

Learn how to supercharge life with meaning, purpose and significance.

Move from ‘either/or’ limited thinking and into the ‘and’ life… where true growth and self acceptance take place.

Discover how your mind, brain and body tricks you into being less than you can be and how to bypass these limiting (yet real) problems so you can actually take control and be free.

Laughter, a lot of laughter.

In this highly practical two day workshop (this is a doing experience) you are going to use Modern NLP and Cutting-edge Psychological & Life Hacks to work skillfully with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, body and brain to liberate new awarenesses, meaning, clarity, insight and vitality.


Simply so we can feel free and laugh more, earn more, love more, play more, move more, relax more and BE MORE.